Medicare Advantage Plans

When it comes to medicare the basic question which almost everybody has in mind what’s the cost and what all would it cover. In the past decade, Medicare Advantage Plans have become quite popular among US citizens. Here we will break down all the costs and coverage that you would get with an original medicare plan and analyse whether medicare advantage plans are really beneficial or not.

So, first things first, who is eligible for Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. A citizen who is 65 years and older, a person with disabilities, or a person with an end-stage renal disease are eligible for both the parts A and B of the original medicare plan. Similarly, for enrolling yourself into Medicare Advantage plans you must be eligible for both Medicare as well as Medicaid.

Humana Medicare advantage plans are provided by a privately owned well-established provider, which is also one of the largest Nursing home companies in the United States. As of 2019, Humana serves at least 13 million customers nationwide with its medicare plans. Medicare Advantage plans provided by Humana not only go easy on your pocket but also manage your original medicare providing you tons of extra benefits. So here is a breakdown of what all you will get and what would it cost.

Part A of Medicare includes hospital coverage. It covers everything from hospital care to home health care, along with skilled nursing facilities. You usually do not have to pay for a premium part of the Plan A medicare services. However, you do have to pay the coinsurance or copay whenever you visit a doctor or are admitted to a hospital. Also, you have to pay a 20 percent copay for medicare approved medical equipment and a 20 percent copay for mental health services connected to a hospital stay.

Part B of Medicare includes medical coverage. From outpatient care to preventive services, all are covered as part B of your medicare. It also covers chiropractic care, home health services, medical equipment, and medically necessary doctors services. Most medicare members pay a monthly premium of $135.50 for Part B. However, it may differ depending on your yearly income. Along with the premium service pay, you would also have to pay the extra co-insurances or co-pays for your visits to the doctor and outpatient services.

Part C of Medicare is your Medicare Advantage plans which are provided by privately owned institutions like Humana. They cover all of the Part A and Part B services of Medicare along with added benefits like prescription drug coverage, dental services, hearing services, services related to vision, as well as fitness programs. Humana medicare advantage plans provide a $0 monthly premium plans along with all the benefits. This means that you only have to pay for your original medicare and can get all the additional benefits at no cost.

It is important to study and analyse all the insurance plans before opting for one. Every country or region has different medicare advantage plans. You should first check what all plans are available in your area and then analyse which costs you the least and serves your medical needs the most.